Replace your Memory with Google Keep


Google Keep was recently announced on the Google Blog, shortly after saying they would kill Google Reader few month from now, in July 2013. I’ve since switched to Feedly, like many others.

There’s a nice hipsterish tech video that explains what Google imagines you to do with it and the design looks a little like the tiles from Windows Metro Surface/Mobile.

YouTube link: Google Keep Video

Testing Google Keep


The UI of Google Keep looks a lot like Google + and every item you create as either note, list or picture supports coloured labels.


To Do lists, as the rest of the interface are very, very intuitive and distraction free to use.google_keep_card_view_picture

Why did they launch Google Keep?

Of all the things they could have done instead, why did they do this? My opinion on this is, that they wanted to push Android and give users the possibility to mimic the design of Windows Phones and probably they have Google Glass in perspective by implementing Google Keep on Android phones up first.

A quote from their blog post is:

Pro tip: for adding thoughts quickly without unlocking your device there’s a lock screen widget (on devices running Android 4.2+).

I’m looking forward to try the app once I get a smartphone that is able to run Android 4.0+.

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