There is a right kind of pain

There is a right kind of pain I think. For me it’s mostly muscle ache and fatigue after having done something! Tonight I’m sitting in front of my keyboard again after a long day of shooting video and photo on one of our photo events.

The wrong kind of pain for me is hangovers, sure the parties mostly were great and you memories fade into the mist some times and that’s fine, but it’s no where near the feeling you get from doing something that has a more long lasting impact.

Going for a run leaves your legs sore, co-running a photo event kind of does too, especially when you’re trying to get the thing on video, carry a fair percentage of your own body weight in gear and make up to the top of a hill and back again.

It’s awesome to feel the muscles in your shoulders and legs after that, you feel tired and you can get to sleep, after maybe having edited some of the footage. To me this is the right kind of pain and I still love all the small inconveniences and being so small that we have to do everything ourselves. We have no dolly pushers, no personal assistants that get us coffee, no big guys that carry all our shit. If we want anything done, we do it with the support of our great team and the talented people who chose to work with us.

Do you know the feeling from working out or when you simply do something you know you really want to, what ever that may be? Crashing into the woods from a mountain bike, banging your head in your surf board or scars from skating? What’s your adrenaline delivery system? 😉

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