Rock Fashion 2014 (Kolding Storcenter)

Rock Fashion 2014 happened this weekend and I’ve had the honor of being a part of the show again. This year I have not spent close to the same amount of time behind my camera as other years and I was basically the video crews sidekick.

Rock Fashion is a fashion show where the stores of a shopping mall in Kolding get to present their collections, usually for the upcoming winter season, on 100 models that walk the corridors of the mall, while musicians play on the main stage.

If you came here for the pictures, they’re currently being uploaded on the facebook page 😉

The Artists that were part of the show this year were:

  • Niklas
  • Ukent Kunstner
  • Sivas
  • Fallulah
  • L.I.G.A
  • Lucy Love

and I was lucky enough to make sure some of them got to the backstage area, even though there is no insane star hype in Denmark, so it’s not like I had to sneak them in like a covert op 😉

Also throughout the day, there was Star Wars cosplay going on, the details of the costumes was simply amazing. There was literally everything, sand people, storm troopers, jedi, sith, wow!

My part

I basically didn’t have much to do as a coordinator, that is because we had a fantastic team of photographers and videographers this year who just managed their tasks wonderfully. For the final part I filmed the main stage and got some shots of the different artists and the models dancing on stage, which I hope the editors will be able to fit into the video.

My setup for this was the EOS 600D with the Tamron 70-300mm to get some close up shots. My most important piece of equipment was ear plugs, since I’m a little sound sensitive, so I got some kick ass -34db ear plugs at the apothecary up there.

Here’s what they look like and YES, they are unused ones ;):



Thank you

I want to thank MeRox, Kolding Storcenter, the sponsors, the hard working staff for make up, hair, sound, light, security; the models, artists, the audience that was very understanding when I rushed through them with my camera and everybody else who did a wonderful job that evening!

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