Phalcon, a high performance PHP MVC framework

Phalcon comes as a C binary, which you can set up as a PHP module in your php.ini. It makes the framework functionality available as PHP classes, so you won’t actually have to worry about the C part after the initial installation. I’ve been writing PHP as one the first languages I learned, because I … Continue reading “Phalcon, a high performance PHP MVC framework”

PHP MVC: The Laravel Framework

The Laravel project has made a pretty smart move, that now is also in their quick start guide. They enable you to install it directly through composer! I’ve written about composer once when I ran into a little quirky bug on MacOS. Using composer, which is a general dependency manager for PHP seems like a … Continue reading “PHP MVC: The Laravel Framework”

Best PHP MVC frameworks of 2013

Frameworks are making your life easier, since they take care of common tasks you without them would have to repeat for every project or even within projects. I have assembled a small list of promising candidates for you, they may not be the most commonly used, but they teach best practices, principles like MVC and … Continue reading “Best PHP MVC frameworks of 2013”

Search Engine Optimization for Images

Search Engine Optimization or SEO is a phrase that is far overused in my line of work. However there are some simple conventions you can follow to improve who finds your images on which keywords. I will in this post compile a simple list of things about what I’ve learned on optimizing your images, not … Continue reading “Search Engine Optimization for Images”


Update: Check out my cooler, newer resume! Hi, I’m Jonathan and I love to work on interesting projects involving digital media. My primary interests and skills are programming most kinds of JavaScript, deployment and builds of frontend and server side applications with things like node.js or PHP. Also I enjoy visual aspects of digital productions … Continue reading “CV”

Installing and running node.js on Mac OS X

Since node.js is the new cool kid on the block, I want to write a really short introduction how to install it on Mac OS X and start playing with it. Exploring technologies is something I try to fit in my everyday, that’s why I’m choosing the verb playing. This little and quick guide is … Continue reading “Installing and running node.js on Mac OS X”