Stop doing shit that keeps killing you

Some things suck because they’re hard, but they get better after days, some things keep sucking for months because they’re very hard (like coding sometimes), some things though keep sucking forever and these are the things you should stop doing.

You can change a lot of situations in your life, by learning to get better at things, having meaningful conversations, saying no and setting boundaries. Sometimes though there are things you simply will not be able to change and they will suck. These are the things that will kill your nerve and put you down every single time.

The hard thing in all this is probably just to figure out when that point is reached, in a relationship (work or private) or in a specific field. Work wise I’ve actually been very fortunate and parted from clients and project members on good terms.

Often I have a Just bite down and do it attitude, but a good excercise for this would probably be to be aware of whenever you think:

Well, I’ll just have to get through this part and then it will be better

and see if you can change that process or situation. If you can’t, how often does it have to occur before you don’t do it again? Set your own measurable rules, so you don’t just snap one day, flip your desk and have to be escorted off the premises by a security team.

Don’t be afraid to set these boundaries and get away from things that infinitely suck, without you being able to change a god damn thing about it.


PS: This is just a realisation, I’m doing great 😉

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