How to Fix: Adobe Premiere JPG / Still Image Glitch

This week I tried to get a still image into one of my videos, but they showed some weird artifacts.

I use Adobe Premiere Pro CC (2020) for most of my editing and it was really bothersome to figure this one out. In fact I don’t really consider this solved, but only “worked around”.

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Best Fonts for Programming / Developers

As many nerds I have a super hard time to not try a thing I read about, so I’ll try to trim down your journey of trying out all the best fonts that are made specifically for code editing.

A good font can make your development experience more pleasant by having everything more easily readable and also to prevent typos between characters that in other fonts are close to indistinguishable like lower l and uppercase I or the digit 1.

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Using Adobe’s Source Code Pro in Vim

Source Code Pro
is a really nice font for programming, even though it comes from Adobe. I recently banged my head into a wall of too many inconsistent answers on the internet on how to use it inside gVim/MacVim. That’s why I’m just putting down the solution that finally workd for me. Continue reading “Using Adobe’s Source Code Pro in Vim”

Quick tip: Reload File Tree in Brackets / Adobe Edge Code

I love experiments, not necessarily on animals, but with software. That’s one of the reasons why I’m intrigued when it comes to Brackets. It’s Adobe making their own, yet open, source code editor in JavaScript.

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