Taking Things for Granted

When people ask me how I am, the answer usually is wonderful, which doesn’t necessarily reflect the absolute truth, but it does reflect the general picture quite well.

I was lucky to build a life that went beyond of what I would have expected few years ago and certainly goes far beyond my lack of imagination while I was enduring school and studies.

Few days ago I came across a post titled I’m a “highly functional” Autistic. It takes a lot of work., which yet again showed me how many things we take for granted. To us, everything is a sliding scale and it’s only supposed to move one way. The way we desire.

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Skivekonferencen 2014

The lucky guy I am, I got to work a place that cares about educating their employees. It’s not one or two or a couple that get sent to a conference that is relevant for them, it’s all of us, so a week in November I got to attend Skivekonferencen about autism, mostly in the educational sector.

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