CigTrack defibrilated

So like the other cool kids apps, I thought my pet project deserved a proper landing page. It’s been a while since I’ve actually had time for this project, but it was just too soon to entirely drop it.

The new landing page is built with bootstrap and animatescroll, the picture is one of mine that I took ages ago. I had to tweak the grid system a little to make it work as I imagined, but it wasn’t an obstacle.


Now live on

I’m happy with it, since it appeals much more to people instead of developers and communicates the thoughts behind the project. In hindsight I should have done this as the first step of the entire process 😉

CigTrack Day #2: Let’s talk about money

So far I’ve set up Git repositories, but how do I get them anywhere? How do I get anyone to actually see what ever great thing I’m building? How do I get anyone as excited about the vision I have with this?
I certainly don’t really know, but there are some really great visual examples here and there.

I’m going to be brutally honest here, the only thing I’ve put up so far is this: Continue reading “CigTrack Day #2: Let’s talk about money”

CigTrack Day #0: Prequel

I get ideas sometimes. Most of them are silly and I claim they are multi-billion dollar ideas to make people around me laugh.

Some of them are actually good I am told and this one I think is good. Blogging for a minimum of 14 days, about rapid development using all the tools I love. Seeing how quickly you can make progress and build something in this world of technology to me always has been very encouraging to me. Continue reading “CigTrack Day #0: Prequel”

There’s a grand rule not to put your school or university work in your portfolio, but I’m going to break that right now. Right now I’m working on a mobile/desktop website to track the consumption of cigarettes over at Kenneth and I are doing this for our exam at EAL:webdev.

A couple of hours have gone into it and it’s been great fun, so I just had to publish what I’ve been doing for the last two months, apart from other projects and photography.

Continue reading “”