Music Monday: Sabaton, Combichrist, RAMMSTEIN, Storm Seeker

This Music Monday is going to be a bit different, because it’s not about one artist or band, but a few different ones (because with the old model, I’ll never get through them all).

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Music Monday: Combichrist

Combichrist has been on my track list for a while, I think over the past six years on and off. Only recently I’ve watched a couple of interviews and become aware of the controversy around one of the drummers of the band. I don’t condone racist or homophobic statements what so ever.

The contents of the lyrics and music videos are quite offensive as well, but for me that’s booked under freedom of speech and expression, similar to Rammstein (see later in the post). As stated in interviews, interpreting the band should be closer to watching a horror movie and not to take it was any kind of political statue or direction.

If you’re into dark or dance themes like Rob Zombie, Rammstein or the like, give them a listen.

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