Perceived vs Actual Cause of Death by Aaron Penne

I came across this graphic in three parts of perceived causes of death, news site headlines and actual causes of death in comparison.

Original Reddit Post

The difference in certain areas isn’t surprising to me, for example that deaths in the media caused by terrorism gain much more attention. Even if you would run the same data on violent deaths, you’d still have a very low terrorism ratio.

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Why I Love: Radar Charts

Visualising data so it’s easy to grasp is one of the big challenges we’re facing at a global scale. There’s lots of data, but often the presentation is wanting. Newspapers and other publications have employed teams to present infographic like widgets to back up their stories in both digital and print.

Loving is a strong word, but it’s fitting. We deal with data all the time and the mainstream media coverage of how data is presented, frequently doesn’t go beyond displaying a circle chart of who would have voted for a specific party on the upcoming election.

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