Rock Fashion 2015

I got the honor of making the video capture of the ROCK FASHION event at Kolding Storcenter this year.

The mall is hosting an annual event where the stores pick out some outfits for the 100+ models, that then go on a catwalk through the corridors of the mall. Artists on stage included: PAGE FOUR, Daniel Schulz, Brandon Beal, Vild $mith, Kaka and USO.

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Intent to disrupt: Hawkers sun glasses

I recently came across this kickstarter campaign that has the intent to disrupt an industry, in this case: for shades.

I have to admit they look kind of cool and I like the underdog role, although I don’t know if it’s justified or not. I wish them and their backers all the best anyways!

Hawkers Co. was started by 4 friends in Spain. With only €300 and the conviction that the eyewear industry is deeply unfair. That’s why we decided to start a revolution, but a true one. The trip on which we set off less than 2 years ago, has taken us to reach heights not even dreamt, like sponsoring the Los Angeles Lakers or partnering with Mercedes Benz, DOPE, Hard Rock, PayPal, Facebook