Running GitLab on Digital Ocean

I’ve just deployed my first virtual server on Digital Ocean* and they support a one click installer for GitLab! They provide hosting from 5$ a month and have a pretty great interface for firing up new instances and their applications tab enables you to pick from some pre-configured images to run things from a classic […]

GitLab Repository Management published!

The book about GitLab, that I’ve been writing over the past months is now available now! It’s published at PACKTpubs website as GitLab Repository Management! I’m very excited to see it launch and I’ve received some very warm tweets and congratulations on this! Right now I’m figuring out the details on how to do a give-away […]

Private Github Enterprise Alternatives

Github Enterprise is basically a local installation of the famous service at github for your company or organisation. Although it comes with a quite a pricetag. In this post I want to show some alternatives that allow you to run a git server on your private network or on any server on the web.

GitLab 5.0 released with gitlab-shell

GitLab in version 5.0 has been released and I’m looking forward to have the time to upgrade my own installation and play with my fellow node and code-heads at my academy! The most exciting thing for me to see is how well the gitolite replacement gitlab-shell simplifies installation and boosts the whole project. Update 19. […]