Running GitLab on Digital Ocean

I’ve just deployed my first virtual server on Digital Ocean* and they support a one click installer for GitLab!

They provide hosting from 5$ a month and have a pretty great interface for firing up new instances and their applications tab enables you to pick from some pre-configured images to run things from a classic LAMP stack to WordPress, Ghost or in this case GitLab. Continue reading “Running GitLab on Digital Ocean”

GitLab Repository Management published!

The book about GitLab, that I’ve been writing over the past months is now available now! It’s published at PACKTpubs website as GitLab Repository Management! I’m very excited to see it launch and I’ve received some very warm tweets and congratulations on this!

Right now I’m figuring out the details on how to do a give-away on this blog by the way! 😀


It’s been an amazing experience to write a book and I want to thank my reviewers and the publisher so much for guiding me through this!

It was a long journey from being discovered through some posts I wrote on this blog, to writing, editing, polishing, re-editing and finally it’s published! I’m looking so much forward to improving the book and keeping it up to date, because GitLab simply is an amazing self-hosted or cloud solution. It strips away so many difficulties and let’s you effectively manage you code.

Private Github Enterprise Alternatives

Github Enterprise is basically a local installation of the famous service at github for your company or organisation. Although it comes with a quite a pricetag. In this post I want to show some alternatives that allow you to run a git server on your private network or on any server on the web. Continue reading “Private Github Enterprise Alternatives”

Writing a book on GitLab

That is exactly what I am trying to achieve at the moment, a book on how to set up your private git server with GitLab. I can’t say too much about what will be in it or if it even will be published, since that is not entirely up to me. I’m doing my best to create the most useful content I can, both from research and experience with this great project.

I’ll just quickly get into, why I decided to actually write this book in the first place, when I was approached by a publisher.
Update: It’s been published, take a lookt at: GitLab Repository Management! Continue reading “Writing a book on GitLab”

git every day

I’ve previously mentioned, that I installed GitLab 5.0 and it’s been pretty cool since. Today I just want to write about what I use git for in my everyday life.

If you want a quick recap of what git is, visit their official site or read my previous post Why you should start using git now

What I’ve been doing so far

About 1.5-2 years ago I started getting into git, because I wanted to take part in developing software smartly, in teams and take part in global open source projects.

I keep my WordPress plugins on github, parallel to the WordPress plugin repository and a couple of months ago I started fixing minor mistakes in other projects. Continue reading “git every day”

Installing GitLab 5.0

In the past couple of hours I’ve completed to install GitLab in version 5. It was quite a journey through the install instructions, the trouble shooting guide and at last numerous threads on the google group and stackoverflow.

As I promised earlier, I’ll tell a little more about this very interesting project now.

The error I’ve beat my head into a little, while trying to git push -u -v origin master was the following: Continue reading “Installing GitLab 5.0”

GitLab 5.0 released with gitlab-shell

GitLab in version 5.0 has been released and I’m looking forward to have the time to upgrade my own installation and play with my fellow node and code-heads at my academy!

The most exciting thing for me to see is how well the gitolite replacement gitlab-shell simplifies installation and boosts the whole project.

Update 19. 05. 2013:
I'm writing a book on git and GitLab, read more here: Writing a book on GitLab

Update: It’s been published, take a lookt at: GitLab Repository Management!