Applab Odense April 2013 recap

The participants, many of them students from the EAL, others from Copenhagen or just volunteering enthusiasts, went on a 24h sprint with Applab.

First, introduction of toolkits, group building and idea generation tasks were on the schedule, followed by a supply of sandwiches and softdrinks.

The theme of the sprint was to utilize the information exposed by institutions within Odense, which up front were listed as possible data sources on the events page. Continue reading “Applab Odense April 2013 recap”

Running jQuery mobile themeroller on localhost

Since I’m again creating a web based app for my exam project in web development, I of course had to take another look at jQuery mobile. It’s playing along quite nicely so far and offers a lot of brilliant interface possibilites, that are easily customizable through their themeroller.

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