WordPress: Which Plugin Loads Script? (Contact Form 7, jQuery)

Recently I was benchmarking a site and wondering why jQuery (no offense) was loaded on every page when I was very sure I did not include it in the custom written theme for that site.

As it turns out Contact Form 7 requires jQuery. On every load.

When you know that you only provide a contact form on one page of your entire website, it might be overkill to load jQuery on every page, even though it’s not a requirement for any of the other JavaScript code on your website.

Conditionally Loading JavaScript Code with WordPress

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glowing hover menu with jQuery

A little can sometimes make all the difference. Especially in minimalist layouts a little effect can add the desired spice. Now the effect for this little tutorial is probably very well known from abduzeedo.com, where it animates the main navigation. Now let’s go and see how we can implement this effect as cross-browser as possible with jQuery.

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