Habitica Habit Tracker Review

Habitica, formerly known as HabitRPG is a habit tracker app for Android and iOS that also comes with an accompanying website to enable you to track your habits or keep ToDo Lists.

The concept is simple, you enter your habits, daily tasks and ToDos and then you have an easy way to keep track of what you do how much. The tasks are segmented in

  • Habits (good and bad ones)
  • Daily Tasks (also weekly or monthly possible)
  • regular Todo Items

Also every task can have a difficulty. Drink Water for example I find trivial, but running 5k is medium/hard (at least in my world).

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Work every day like you just got fired

If the title seems like click bait to you, it’s because we have different ideas of work morale. I’ve heard countless times that motivation drops drastically when somebody quits or when somebody gets laid off. If you work differently on your last month of your employment, then you’ve been giving your company “extra stuff” in the first place.

I’ve witnessed many handovers and I have the highest respect for people who try to make themselves replaceable by documenting processes and reducing single points of failure instead of gathering them before the 30 day countdown to a new employment begins.

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Professionals and Bottle Caps

Becoming a professional isn’t easy, but it paves the road for what ever success you want to have in many fields. Being professional doesn’t mean boring or serious, it just means that you get things done. Actually after thinking about it, I think what sets a very clear threshold between hard working people to determine if they’re professionals is that

Amateurs work, Professionals make it work.

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On Winning Your Days

We live in a very competitive and challenging society, which is why I quickly wanted to share a feeling I had today, which I want to turn into a habit. For a lot of my life my drive has come from just being dissatisfied with myself.

Today I feel a little more that I actually achieved something and I don’t focus on all the things I have not yet done. I have not yet gotten back to all of my clients, I have not yet done as much for my day job as I wanted to, but I still got things done. Continue reading “On Winning Your Days”

It’s Your Job to Blow up the Barricades Too!

When taking on a job, a project or simply pursuing a goal, you will not face perfect circumstances. Never. That’s why your job includes removing or overcoming barriers and barricades that lay in your way. These things don’t come with the job description or the original demand and it’s up to you to be creative and find a way.

Also, nobody asks if you put the obstacles there yourself, if your competitors or the big bad world did. If you want to make something happen, you better figure out the rules and try to play by them.
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A Developers Mindset

I listened to a podcast called Lullabot, which is dedicated to the Drupal CMS and found this beautiful quote in episode 103: Views in Core.

As a developer that always offends me. If you’re writing the same code more than three times, than you should fix that, so I did and at the time I wrote a 1500 line module called Views. Continue reading “A Developers Mindset”