Capturing HTTP traffic with Wireshark

Most of us have to use certain tools when working with large clients or corporations because it works for them and I personally love when it’s web interfaces compared to MS Office documents and exchange servers. Sadly one of them did not run on HTTPS and I brought up a security concern to the administrator.

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Google Chrome Password Manager

Google Chrome has a password manager built in, if you’re using it with your Google account, that resembles the functionality of LastPass, KeyPass or 1Password. Now it also suggest you to use a randomly generated password, that is saved and synchronized with your Google account.

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CigTrack Day #6: Security and bcrypt

I’m a fan of improvisation, Duct-tape and hacking things into what you want them to do speedily and without a lot of testing. One of the areas, where I wouldn’t follow this approach is security.

Security is something many companies don’t take serious. Their servers get broken into, all their user’s data are stolen, leaked, etc. Not cool.

This is not because security is impossible, it’s because it’s just often ignored and can be expensive. Nothing is unbreakable, but in my opinion it’s worth to at least make an effort towards: hard to break. Continue reading “CigTrack Day #6: Security and bcrypt”