A Mastodon Review, is it the next Twitter / Facebook by the People?

Day 1

I read about it, faintly remember that something was there, something called that, something about a protocol that anyone can implement, a bit different than diaspora, but it also has pods, just that they’re more accurately called instances.

Alright, let’s do this. I pick a random instance from their server list and automatically see an interface that looks like Hootsuite (or how it looked when I last used it).

I’m suprised by some NSFW warnings and it turns out somebody I automatically followed on signup tweets toots a lot of monochromatic porn gifs.

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Reddit for Bloggers and Referral Traffic

Reddit, the self-proclaimed front page of the internet can be a great source to drive traffic to your blog and get feedback. I only started being active in some of the subreddits that are relevant to programming and photography in the recent months, but it’s been a great experience, especially because of all the cool comments and critique of my posts!

How to use reddit or any social network for that matter for traffic is probably a hot topic anywhere, but I want to get into more than just gaining visitors. I actually have gotten some of the most valuable feedback as a blogger from posts on reddit and hacker news.

My most clicked post was a political piece about Obamas comment on allowing phones to be accessed by government agencies without restriction. Most hits came from Hacker News, but reddit was a factor too.

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(Why) I Killed half of my Social Media Accounts

I just killed some Facebook and Google+ pages, a Twitter account and stopped actively posting to my Linkedin account. I used to read:

focus on one thing and be good at it

which I usually disregarded and thought: I’ll just post these two at once, these two, create a schedule, etc. Now, people are right about that and I’m ready to admit it. The pages are still registered, but I will focus on few accounts from now on.

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How to make a NFC check in sticker with Foursquare / Swarm / Facebook Places

NFC stickers and chips are the new QR codes and offer some ease of use, if you know how to harness their power 😉 Where the user otherwise would have to type a long URL, we can make use of NFC enabled smartphones to just bump into the sticker to take them to a website or a check-in.

Shops and restaurants benefit through social media and especially through the ones like Foursquare or Facebook Places. Let’s have a look at how we can make the user check into our place with an NFC chip. All you need is:

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