HTML Workshop Odense, Denmark

HTML5_LogoI’m hosting another workshop, this time about HTML & CSS, mainly for students at the EAL, but everybody is welcome.

Since some students are about to create their first website and have not had lessons about HTML, we’re going to take very basic things first and then get coding right away.

As usual I’ll post my slides up front, so everybody can see what they’re going to spend 2-3 hours of their life on. Continue reading “HTML Workshop Odense, Denmark”

WordPress Workshop recap – a first time

The WordPress Workshop went great, at least that’s what I’ve felt and heard. It’s not exactly the first time I’ve (co)hosted a workshop, but this was probably the biggest so far!

A little snapshot of day 1 (YES, I need a new smartphone, before Lennart points it out once more)

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WordPress Workshop in Odense, Denmark

The 2. and 3. of April I’ll have a workshop on WordPress at EAL (maps link). Both dates will be starting at 14:30, variable end. I’ll speak English, but questions can be asked in Danish/German.

This event is primarily for students of the EAL, but I don’t think anyone will really mind if you join in. Usually there’s a bunch of free seats and it’s after usual academy hours. More space for us! Continue reading “WordPress Workshop in Odense, Denmark”