The best quote on cross browser compatability

If Daring Fireball looks goofy in your browser, you’re likely using a shitty browser that doesn’t support web standards. Internet Explorer, I’m looking in your direction. If you complain about this, I will laugh at you, because I do not care. If, however, you are using a modern, standards-compliant browser and have trouble viewing or reading Daring Fireball, please do let me know.

This is what John Gruber states on his about page over at It is probably the least diplomatic, most entertaining statement I’ve ever read on cross browser compatibility.

Who should do the same

People who practically do not build web pages, but work on underlying technology, because they can’t discourage customers this way. It would probably be a bad idea for you to say this, if you’re a web developer, working on front end tasks. It usually reflects badly upon a developer, when they do not care at all about cross browser compatibility.

What we should do

Optimize for:

  • Webkit (Chrome/Safari)
  • Gecko (Firefox)
  • Presto (Opera), in some cases

Make sure it works, now I re-iterate: works, in:

  • Internet Explorer

(It’s the only bullet point because it belongs there alone and publicly shamed)

If your goal is that you want to blow everybody’s minds with some crazy new usability idea you have and it does not achieve that effect in Internet Explorer, it doesn’t work in Internet Explorer. It’s as simple as that.

If on the other hand you want to run a blog and you want people to be able to read your stuff, it’s okay for your page to look half as cool, but still be functional in Internet Explorer.

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