Two very different parties


Yesterday I was at two very different parties. I enjoyed both of them and I got some nice shots for my collection 😉

First: The Christmas dinner at my dayjob. Everything was relaxed, great conversation, no music. We didn’t go out, but we just sat where we usually have lunch with our students.

Having some off-topic time with my co-workers was really nice and it’s amazing that I have co-workers that I enjoy seeing apart from work.

Second: The graduation party of two of my friends who just finished their studies as E-concept developers. It was really great to see a bunch of the people there again and celebrate their accomplishments.

The EAL continues to be a great environment for people to grow and the parties still rock. As I couldn’t just sit around and enjoy the whole thing, I volunteered to take some pictures. Today I edited them and shipped them off to the great students who organized the party.

Here’s two shots I liked the most:



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