Upgrading XMR-Stak Miners for the Monero7 Protocol Update

If you’re mining Monero, you might have heard of the currency getting some bad press because several botnets pushed miners out to their clients. This is one of the reasons why the core team decided to upgrade the protocol. You can find their official statement on getmonero.org.

Updating XMR-Stak

For reference of the initial installation on Linux servers, I’ve written about them here:

If you’re interested in upgrading your xmr-stak miner, you just have to run a few commands to remove the previous miner and to get the new and upgraded version:

#removing the old miner build:
cd xmr-stak
rm -rf build/*
# get the new version
git pull
cd build
make install
cd bin

Where a new interactive menu will greet you and you can pick several other currencies:

Please enter:
- Please enter the currency that you want to mine: 
    - aeon7
    - cryptonight
    - cryptonight_lite
    - edollar
    - electroneum
    - graft
    - intense
    - karbo
    - monero7
    - stellite
    - sumokoin

Pick monero7 for the new protocol update.

New config file format

The config file format for xmr-stak has changed as well and is not split into:

  • config.txt
  • pools.txt

Which separate the pools to mine at from the actual miner config.


The upgrade does require a bit of manual work, but overall it seems quite painless and there is no additional coin spawned through the fork, but the network agreed on the protocol update.

Let me know if you’re also mining a bit of Monero or if you’re more interested in other cryptocurrencies at the moment!

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6 thoughts on “Upgrading XMR-Stak Miners for the Monero7 Protocol Update”

      1. it IS mining now! WITHOUT -DCUDA_ENABLE=OFF -DOpenCL_ENABLE=OFF

        matej@acer:~/xmr-stak/build/bin$ ./xmr-stak
        xmr-stak 2.1.0 31a0784

        Brought to you by fireice_uk and psychocrypt under GPLv3.
        Based on CPU mining code by wolf9466 (heavily optimized by fireice_uk).
        Based on NVIDIA mining code by KlausT and psychocrypt.
        Based on OpenCL mining code by wolf9466.

        Configurable dev donation level is set to 2.0%

        You can use following keys to display reports:
        ‘h’ – hashrate
        ‘r’ – results
        ‘c’ – connection
        [2018-04-15 18:31:02] : Start mining: MONERO
        [2018-04-15 18:31:02] : Starting NVIDIA GPU thread 0, no affinity.
        [2018-04-15 18:31:02] : WARNING: No AMD OpenCL platform found. Possible driver issues or wrong vendor driver.
        [2018-04-15 18:31:02] : WARNING: backend AMD disabled.
        [2018-04-15 18:31:02] : Starting 1x thread, affinity: 0.
        [2018-04-15 18:31:02] : hwloc: memory pinned
        [2018-04-15 18:31:02] : Starting 1x thread, affinity: 2.
        [2018-04-15 18:31:02] : hwloc: memory pinned
        [2018-04-15 18:31:02] : Starting 1x thread, affinity: 4.
        [2018-04-15 18:31:02] : hwloc: memory pinned
        [2018-04-15 18:31:02] : Fast-connecting to xmr.bohemianpool.com:5555 pool …
        [2018-04-15 18:31:02] : Pool xmr.bohemianpool.com:5555 connected. Logging in…
        [2018-04-15 18:31:03] : Difficulty changed. Now: 5000.
        [2018-04-15 18:31:03] : Pool logged in.
        | ID | 10s | 60s | 15m | ID | 10s | 60s | 15m |
        | 0 | 35.5 | (na) | (na) | 1 | 35.6 | (na) | (na) |
        | 2 | 35.5 | (na) | (na) |
        | ID | 10s | 60s | 15m |
        | 0 | 52.5 | (na) | (na) |
        Totals: 159.2 (na) (na) H/s

  1. But there is another problem, this very tutorial causes to install monero v2.1.0, not 2.4.2 as required for Monero7. I do not know what repo do you have set in the system, maybe you should include that setting in the tutorial..? For one hour trying to figure out why after this update the pool still rejects my results, only to find out I still have an old version and have to download manually from https://github.com/fireice-uk/xmr-stak/releases

    1. Hi Disney,
      I don’t know what causes this for you, but I’ll investigate. Are you sure you removed all files in the `build` directory?

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