What if Money wasn’t an Object?

I recently blogged about going back to and rediscovering more things that I actually liked. This video holds an incredible amount of truth and completely enforces the idea of following your dreams.

I know that I need money and that I need to fulfill requirements in order to get that. I’m not treating projects, customers or even unpaid help to random people on the internet sloppily, for any reason.

I, as Alan Watts, I object completely to the idea that money should be the most important factor in your decisions. My former Business teacher put it in a lot less abstract and a little vulgar way:

What would you be if you do something you don’t like doing, but do it for the money anyways? A prostitute! Now, do you want to be a prostitue?

That has some truth to, although some people do it by choice, prostitution for me is very connected to poverty and human trafficking. I don’t want to disrespect anybody involved in the sex industry with this.

I like studying, because I get to influence the educational system and object to some of their attempts on teaching us and what they teach us, but just to make it better.

I like having my own firm, because I find myself as a partner of my clients, not as a pure service freelancer, who checks out his hours. I like to achieve something with them and I can choose which projects I want to take on.

I charge for my services, honest and understandable for the client. I love building stuff for the web, solving problems and also to portrait people. It’s my job to represent my clients digitally. It’s great, because most of the things I do involve a lot of common sense and public relations, involving social media involve a lot of openness and honesty.


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