Where is Microsoft going with Project Spartan?

Microsoft has just published a blog post that features a look at and promotional video about project Spartan, the browser that’s going to replace Internet Explorer.

You can read the full post here: Introducing Project Spartan: The New Browser Built for Windows 10.

The video shows a lot of the new features and how it’s going to be integrated into other Microsoft products like OneNote. Also touch interfaces seem to be very essential to the new browser, expecting users to have a Surface Tablet.

The interactive features look nice and also I like that you can customize how websites are displayed, because currently I use Pocket to read longer articles on sites where the typography is unbearable.

My concerns about Microsoft “Spartan”

My concern is that Microsoft will not only offer all their new nice features to their users, but cause fragmentation once again. If you need tags, prefixes or other things to “tune” your web application or site especially for their new browser with virtually no market share, that would be terrible. Especially if your boss gets one and asks you why the company page isn’t “working”.

Microsoft, don’t break the web again or cause web professionals to put hundreds of additional hours into projects, just to support a tiny feature you at some point thought would be cool, ok?

Why is Microsoft implementing these Features?

For users it seems like it could be a great experience, also they become tied to the rest of the products. The user account is a very valuable thing for companies like Google or Microsoft, because it ties their users to the company, their services and devices. Migrating is a huge task for especially non-tech savvy users.

By implementing these features Microsoft is preying on the users that today use other browsers or services like Evernote, Pocket, Bloglovin, feedly or similar.

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