WordPress Widget: Privacy Friendly Facebook Social Plugins


Prevent Facebook from tracking your users, but use the power of Facebooks social plugins on your WordPress page anyways. That is, what this plugin enables you to do.

The way this happens is that users have to click, before the actual plugin loads. Instead of one click to like your page or subscribe to you, it is two, but the benefit of more privacy is important to many users.

Download it here or just type “Privacy Friendly Facebook” in your WordPress installations plugin page.



  • Privacy aware
  • Faster page load, since the facebook styles and scripts are loaded on demand


  • define the facebook page url
  • choose type of facebook social plugin to load
  • define placeholder
  • define height and width
  • enable/disable: facepile, stream of posts


  • define colours
  • parse generated codes


Preferably through github: https://github.com/JonathanMH/privacy-friendly-facebook

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