WordPress Workshop in Odense, Denmark


The 2. and 3. of April I’ll have a workshop on WordPress at EAL (maps link). Both dates will be starting at 14:30, variable end. I’ll speak English, but questions can be asked in Danish/German.

This event is primarily for students of the EAL, but I don’t think anyone will really mind if you join in. Usually there’s a bunch of free seats and it’s after usual academy hours. More space for us!

Day 1: Using WordPress

Slides will be work in progress until the actual day.

Date: 2nd of April

Slides: Using WordPress

Facebook event: WordPress workshop (Day1)

Day2: Theming WordPress

Slides will be work in progress until the actual day.

Date: 3nd of April

Slides: Theming WordPress

Facebook event: WordPress workshop (Day2)


I want to illustrate strenghts and weaknesses to my fellow students from both Web Development, E-Concept Development and Multimedia Design.

We’ll try to fit into the biggest class room we can find at Munkebjergvej 130, Odense:

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If you find bugs in my code or concept, tell me right away, I’ll feature you in my presentation 😉

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