Are you in touch with your darkest phantasies?

For about the past nine years I've been fascinated by the art of Luis Royo. In some of your heads words like: EMO, GOTH, FREAK, or who the fuck is Luis Royo may pop up now.

Recently I was sent the recent Lana Del Rey video Ride and a couple of lines in the end got me thinking. A lot.

Who are you? Are you in touch with your darkest phantasies? Have you created a life for yourself, where you can experience them? I have, I am fucking crazy, but I am free.

So, what do these things have to do with each other? Luis Royo is an icon of creating art with great visual impact. It often features nudity, brutal and explicit violence, sexuality, but also fantasy themes. Mostly set in a futuristic and dystopic or ancient and animalistic world. I actually own one of the Prohibited books, which are filled with a lot of sketches.

This guy is one of the reasons why I picked up pencils and practiced. I have not gotten very far on the drawing, but I fall back to it once in a while, scribble and dream and it actually is a fractal of my dreams to do something beautiful or at least something with impact with my hands, on paper. It turns out I'm better at writing, both word and code, but this still fascinates me.

Just to clarify, I have nothing but respect for women, as models, in every field of expertise and in my everyday alike and I'm not trying to enforce a set of male phantasies on the world.

Make something outstanding of your dreams

It's great to reflect once in a while and I've tried a lot of different things in my life so far, been an IT-support apprentice, aced Multimedia Design studies, worked in a 10 head video crew and developed websites and applications, both alone and with other great people.

I want to find out if I can connect the experimental and emotional aspects of art with a solid foundation of digital craftsmanship and a solid foundation in code. There's a lot of great things happening to and with technology and more than ever can we bring visually impressive things to everybody.

I'll go pick up one of my sketchbooks now, that probably will make everything I put in them really, really bad, because I haven't touched them for too long.

What have you not done?

and more importantly, why?

Is something on your mind or in your heart, that you've been wanting to do for a longer period?

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