Best/most visual git cheat sheet

Git can have quite a learning curve. That is, as soon as you want to do something more than clone, pull or push. For these situations you either have a fantastic GUI client, but that will not cover everything either. At some point you will probably have to remember more than three commands, where this git cheat sheet comes in!

In general cheat sheets work really well for me and I create my own (very simple MarkDown files) before exams and sometimes meetings, because they compress a lot of keywords, that help you remember everything. Literally. They quickly remind you of a topic you have to cover or how that some technical spec worked right away. Also they help you describing things in as few words as possible, so you don't have to fall back into loops of explaining them.

I think this cheat sheet is brilliant, because it shows the relations between different pillars of git, if it either is in a file, but not commited, already in the index or at a local or remote location. It displays the comments chaining these different places together, which just makes a lot of sense and helps anyone to understand a little better how git works and how to make it do what you want it to! Great work from the people at NDP Software!

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