It's a bit shit, but I like it

Sometimes I think I should really travel more and just listen to strangers conversations. When we were on top of Primrose Hill in London we listened to a couple of teenage boys talking about a... well, not super great TV show:

I'm watching Jessica Jones. It's a bit shit. But I like it.
These three sentences are actually pretty good I thought, (hat tip to the original author) to me they mean that you can enjoy things you know aren't really good. Either morally or qualitatively.

Not all video games I play or not all music I listen to are absolute masterpieces that everyone should listen to, also not all shows I watch (Supernatural fanboy over here).

I know Supernatural is a very meta-fanservice horror soap opera, but I like it.

There is no insane plot twist the show has not exploited yet and it's a bit like the episodes with temporal anomalies in Star Trek.

I know Fortnite can be quite annoying and sometimes repetive, but it's very relaxing to shoot up hordes of zombies and to take a bit of pleasure from building sometimes more, sometimes less effective defensive buildings. Fortnite actually does a pretty good job at both being a first person shooter and a tower defense game (in the Save the World mode).

When reading a tweet recently, this kind of set this blog post in motion and it went something like this:

Don't let anyone else tell you what self-care is. If you're caring for yourself with what you do, it's SELF-care. It's not equal to Self-IMPROVEMENT It doesn't have to be running or yoga.
Which is a really good point. If something helps you (ok, maybe apart from Heroin) it's probably a time of recovery and re-charging for you. No matter if it's audio-books, reading, painting, binging shit shows or scrolling through memes.

PS: Here's the original, I horribly mis-quoted that, but here you go:

A semi-regular reminder that self-care is whatever you need it to be. That's what it means.

Self-care is the antithesis of self-harm.

Self-work is a separate concept that can overlap with self-care BUT self-care does NOT have to be work.

It just has to help ?

ā€” Thal (@thalestral) April 19, 2018

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