Bonding: Season 1

Bonding on Netflix is a show about a Dominatrix that hires her reluctant best (and only) friend to be her assistant.

The show looks amazing, I mean still frames of the main characters could basically be paintings, but it's not the deepest of shows and loaded with stereotypes. Fortunately, for me, the show doesn't take itself too seriously in my opinion.

Among sex workers and the BDSM scene the show has gotten some critique, which The Rolling Stone sums up nicely, all justified from my point of view, if you want to know what's wrong with it.

For Denmark it might be silly and harmless show, but lots of places in the world I bet the show can still lift a bit of stigma and cause conversations, which is why I'm mentioning it (HELLO AMERICAN READERS!).

Check out Bonding, if you're looking for a mostly funny show about sex and two young adults struggle in the gig culture.

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