Google Chrome Password Manager

Google Chrome has a password manager built in, if you're using it with your Google account, that resembles the functionality of LastPass, KeyPass or 1Password. Now it also suggest you to use a randomly generated password, that is saved and synchronized with your Google account.

I stumbled on this by accident, when I was installing WordPress locally for building some example files for the next book I'm writing. On devices that support it, like Android phones or Chromebooks the passwords will be automatically synchronized.

Apparently this feature is in the making since 2014 some when and this is the corresponding chromium project page about Password Generation.

If you trust Google and don't lose your Google Account login, this is probably increasing your security, because, well, everything is better than using your standard password everywhere or variations of that. On the downside, if you lose access to your account and also you used your Gmail address to sign up for a site, you'll have no way to recover that account.

I'm just blogging this because I think it's really interesting who's competing with whom in general, also which ideas and companies tech giants like Google and facebook consider worth competing against. Both their history of acquisitions and re-implementations of popular apps and services speak an independent story of trends.

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