How to know that you've made it

A phrase I've come to think about recently is making it as in Wow, she/he really made it. For me, the problem in that is not that people are saying it wrong, but thinking it wrong. For me there is no such thing anymore or at least there will never be enough. It's like that insatiable greedy devil in our heads that drives us further.

The drive is important, it makes us chase a job, clients, pick up the phone late at night or learn an extra skill, read an extra article or an extra book on top of what we're expected to do.

The sad part is: You'll never make it.

What we get for it though, is not what we have, it's what we're fortunate to be a part of. 2015 has been an amazing year for me and before that I've also had some good moments. Soon I'm moving to the capital, live in an apartment I would never have pictured and everything else will be crazy good.

What it really is, is that I'm fortunate to get a part in all this. I'm just very very lucky and fortunate to be allowed to:

  • write books
  • move in with an amazing woman
  • have taught and inspired for the last two years
  • do what I love on a daily basis
  • work with my few, but awesome clients
  • enjoy time with family and friends
  • have met friends that stuck through rough times

You make your own luck and fortune to some extent, but I can only recommend you consider yourself fortunate. If you'll count achievements and possessions, you'll likely end up in a Rammstein-esque song about insatiability:

Bin nie zufrieden       - I'm never satisfied
es gibt kein Ziel       - there's no goal
gibt kein Genug         - there's no enough
Ist nie zuviel          - is never enough
all die anderen         - all the others
haben so wenig          - have so little
Gebt mir auch das noch  - give me that also
sie brauchen's eh nicht - they have no need for it

So when you read another post about stating, that you need to stay hungry, you do, but don't forget what you have achieved or how fortunate you are to be in the position you're in. That's probably my two cents for phrases like making it and the like. There's no goals except the ones you set.

For myself, the last 12 months have been so fantastic, I can barely wish for more, but I will attempt to make every month better than the last or at least different.

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