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UPDATE: I have closed down jsnews.de, but I'm still writing about JavaScript in German on my other other German Blog:


I've just launched jsnews.de, which is JavaScript blag in German. I'm hoping to contribute to the German node.js and JavaScript community through fast news and comprehensive tutorials. Looking for a good resource in German, I didn't find a lot of frequently updated pages, so I made one.

Actually it's been a lot of fun so far, because I started on this two days ago and have gotten to know poet a little better and I'm getting along with it quite well. If you want to contribute some German articles or tutorials about node.js, JavaScript or some of the frameworks like Angular.js or Backbone.js, let me know! Also if you're a npm module author and want to present your module, I'd love to publish you!

Things that still urgently need to be done:

  • Layout! (right now it's very much twitter bootstrap in yellow)
  • open a git repository for guest authors

Why a German JavaScript Blog?

You know, personally I don't bother much with languages when it comes to coding, because once you're living outside Germany and speak English on a daily basis, there's just not much of a problem when you read books about programming languages or documentations. If however you live inside Germany, chances are your English skills are worse than your coding skills, which I hope is where this page will come in. Everbody that gains something from my experience or is sparked with an interest in the covered topics is a win for the community.

It's a little tearing down language barriers, even though the content will be in German, the sources for the articles, presented projects and site will probably be English.

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Thank you for reading! If you have any comments, additions or questions, please tweet or toot them at me!