More Awesome Than Me

Things on this Blog a lot of times show things or mention things. Maybe the most telling series is the Music Mondays, because without all these wonderful people making music, I would get nothing done at all.

Some of the blog posts resulted in very long conversations with some of my peers and we had a lot of exchange how political and how ethical music is or how much it is supposed to be.

The tutorials I write are about things that are much bigger than me. Blogging about Firefox and net neutrality, cryptocurrencies it's as big as an idea.

Tutorials about frameworks or specific software projects in general are about all the wonderful people that put their very specialised knowledge into that one thing for a while.

The only thing I'm reasonably OK at is to explain the what and the how to other people. Probably a permanent occupational hazard from having been a workshop host, teacher and having interns.

In this spirit, I will probably write more posts in the future that just point at a thing or at a person saying:

I think this is interesting, you should spend time trying to see this, on their channels.
because there are many great things I see every day of my life and a simple tweet doesn't seem to do my appreciation much justice.

Thank you for reading! If you have any comments, additions or questions, please tweet or toot them at me!