Music Monday: Mono Inc.

Mono Inc. is a gothic rock band from Germany that have been around for about 10 years, but I've first recently discovered them. They've collaborated with Joachim Witt, who made one of my first favourite songs when I was a kid.

Needless to say I got all nostalgic when hearing his voice again and dug a bit deeper into their discography. The themes frequently revolve around war, but in a way that points out that it's shit and actually very pacifistic.

Musically the band isn't very heavy or difficult to listen to and the lyrics aren't very long, but they're catchy songs that do a pretty good job at transporting the message or theme through the rocky theme, with a bit of orchestral seeming influence.

Their drummer does wonderful backing vocals as well and gives the tracks lighter tones that contrasts the drums and electrical guitar in a very unique way.

The interviews that are around on YouTube paint the band in a light that inspires sympathy through the down to earth spirit and humility. In one of the interviews they also openly admit to filter out radical right wing audience for their shows and distance themselves from the far right rock bands. Sadly most of the interviews are in German and without subtitles.

A few of my so far favourite songs below:

Mono Inc. - Out In The Fields
It doesn't matter if you're wrong or if you're right It makes no difference if you're black or if you're white All men are equal till the victory is won No colour or religion ever stopped a bullet from a gun
Mono Inc. - Boatman
From all the hurt I'm suffering From all the harm I see From all these eyes of emptiness And all those evil deeds Where the rainbow starts to end Across the swell behind the sea Where the rainbow starts to end Let the currents carry me Take me away Boatman

Mono Inc. - After the War (Gary Moore Cover)

So many came before you The prisoners of fate A history of bloodshed A legacy of hate But where will you be standing When the battles have been won? Inside your lonely fortress The battle's just begun

If you want to give Mono Inc. a listen, they're also on YouTube and Spotify.

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