Music Monday: Sabaton, Combichrist, RAMMSTEIN, Storm Seeker

This Music Monday is going to be a bit different, because it's not about one artist or band, but a few different ones (because with the old model, I'll never get through them all).


Sabaton has a new single out, The Red Baron is a speedy hymn about the legendary first world war pilot Manfred van Richthofen. Turns out he had 80 recorded victories in the weird, partly wooden or canvas planes they used back then.

The next Sabaton Album will be about World War I or The great war. The first released single was "Bismarck" which I didn't like as much as, because it has another pace and feel that still is pretty epic, but is not as interesting to me. Other Sabaton fans disagree and have made sure it's the most played Sabaton track on Spotify at the moment.

Combichrist - On Fire

Combichrist has a new album out that continues the legacy of aggression in both words, vocals and beats. The tracks have fewer weird samples, but it's a good album with chantable chori, interesting musical elements and the expected sound.

The lyrics range from anger to despair with a few things in between or even combined.

Pour me another whiskey, It's all gonna be alright, I'm sure it'll hurt tomorrow, just don't want to hurt tonight.

Pour me another tall boy, I'm not gonna start a fight, I'm sure it'll hurt tomorrow, just don't want to hurt tonight.

Just another Lobotomy, Just killing the pain in me.

Combichrist - Lobotomy

I brought this bottle of pain, I have murder on my brain, Come on and give it a try if you wanna die, If we're going to hell tonight I aint going without a fight, I know I can't take you all, but hell I'll try.

Combichrist - Bottle of Pain

The classical orchestra elements are a weird but perfect mix with the rough sad vocals and it reminds me of Johnny Cash a little bit as well. Also: this is yet another song I should not have on my head while walking through airport security.

Rammstein - RAMMSTEIN

Another big album from Rammstein with fast paced, slightly more electronical tracks, obviously without losing the howling guitars or driving drums.

Especially DEUTSCHLAND and ZEIG DICH are my favourite tracks for now, also being the more fast paced tracks of the album.

AUSLÄNDER made the news through nudity, the title and the theme of white imperialism. To me, it's a good thing to have that topic represented in art and especially the end leaves a bitter taste of: They came, fucked and left, which is probably a just definition of white imperialism in general.

That's it! What did you listen to in the past few weeks? Did you find any new cool stuff I should listen to?

Storm Seeker - Beneath in the Cold

New Storm Seeker album is out as well, continuing their pirate metal course with full sails:

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