Redlands #1: Witches in Florida

Redlands is a graphic novel that we picked up during our trip to London to see Hamilton (briefly mentioned here) we stopped by Forbidden Planet and a graphic novel caught my eye.

Redlands is something you might describe as:

If Tarantino directed True Blood, took out the clichés and Frank Miller came up with the evil characters.

It's set in the very American country side and is a quick journey into occultism and the abyss of the violent human mind. In a way it feels very feminist (in a good way) with its strong women and does not shy away from nudity on either side. Overall I guess it's horror that is somewhat close to Sin City, but with more supernatural in it.

Much of the art could be a painting all on its own and just have a place on a wall to be honest. One of the creators has previously won an Eisner Award and to be honest, I had to look up what that is. Apparently there are award for comic artists, which is beautiful and perfectly sensible.

If you're into graphic novels, check out Redlands or just straight up buy it.

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