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I just finished reading Problogger by Darren Rowse and Chris Garrett After my many years of blogging I still believe that blogging is very beneficial to my life and the indie publishing culture very good for society. When all platforms milk us dry or kick us out, blogs will prevail.

I must say it wasn’t bad and everything that is not related to technology (except WordPress and email newsletters) is still very valuable even if it was written about a decade ago.

The authors both have created blogs and really shown that they know how to attract and entertain an audience for a long haul. The examples they use when speaking of other blogs were a nice piece of history to me, because honestly, when this book was written I wasn’t reading blogs, let alone English ones. My journey into the English (and probably far more interesting) parts of the web was just starting.

I shamelessly plucked the book from our company library at my day job and it caught my attention more through the “blogger” than the “to a six figure salary” part. Not that money is uncool, it’s just more interesting to hear about peoples journeys and listen to their backstories than how much money they made how.

Through the last couple of years of picking up things and many other resources read I kind of got a lot of the same mind set that this book is trying to communicate:

  • be kind
  • be humble
  • work hard and keep at it for years
  • approach people and create your own network

Which is what it boils down to.

If you’re new to blogging and you find the book at a sale, get it. If you’ve blogged for a year and you don’t have en existential crisis, move on.

Check out some of their most successful blogs here:

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