There is no place like ::1 || $yourdomain

Geeks, Nerds, Bloggers, Developers and Hackers have something in common that was torn open and made available to the rest of the population by social networks.

We have a global community, because the people we can talk to about we love in our physical surroundings is limited. The internet became our home. No matter if you're a sysadmin and you know that ::1 is your local host in IPv6 or if you put energy in publishing on your blog or news site every day, you probably have spent a fair amount of your lifetime on IRC or forums in your niche.

Recently on a blogger forum somebody was asking if there were any bloggers who could contribute entries about Lifestyle. I promptly asked:

I'm a nerd, that's a lifestyle, right?
It was denied and honestly, I wouldn't have known what to write on a nailpolish and cupcake blog, but the question was interesting to me.

With movies like The Social Network, telling a story about the rise of one of the biggest websites in the world, nerds are getting more credit in society, but to us it still feels like nobody really understands what we're doing. A lesson I learned is that the nerd table will always be the cool table, because you can have interesting conversations. No matter if you're at home on the internet, but just a person with an excessive interest in one thing or another.

Look out for people who furiously try to better themselves and have fun while doing things that seem like torture to others, they have a passion for what they do and will break all boundaries of awesomeness known to men! I'm lucky to know multiple of those and these are the people I've learned more from, both on personal and professional levels than from the whole educational system combined.

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