(Why) I Killed half of my Social Media Accounts

I just killed some Facebook and Google+ pages, a Twitter account and stopped actively posting to my Linkedin account. I used to read:

focus on one thing and be good at it
which I usually disregarded and thought: I'll just post these two at once, these two, create a schedule, etc. Now, people are right about that and I'm ready to admit it. The pages are still registered, but I will focus on few accounts from now on.

Some of the projects don't have the traction to pull their own weight and it would be a complete waste to spend time managing their social media channels instead of making the project itself better or produce content for it.

There are many things I would love to do with my life and I am fortunate to be able to do share of them already every day or weekend, but managing posting to too many social networks is not one of them. I'm taking away some experience with all of them and I'm going to focus my efforts on my twitter account and a few things to come in the future ;)

I'm not going to pay Facebook to show my page's content to those who originally liked it or paste my links around like a lunatic, because I'm just 50 likes away from X. I'll still develop content or posting strategies for clients, but my own over-consumption is over! :P

On the other hand I've discovered YouTube to experiment with for my German blog, so I'm currently exploring a couple of things over there in my spare time.

What about you? Do you have some social media channels you're simply pouring too much time into?

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