Writing a book on GitLab

That is exactly what I am trying to achieve at the moment, a book on how to set up your private git server with GitLab. I can’t say too much about what will be in it or if it even will be published, since that is not entirely up to me. I’m doing my best to create the most useful content I can, both from research and experience with this great project.

I’ll just quickly get into, why I decided to actually write this book in the first place, when I was approached by a publisher.

free and private git hosting

Free as in speech and private as in: “It’s on your server, take all the security measures and algorithms you prefer!”, that’s what GitLab is. It’s great for independent infrastructure, unlimited repositories or even full backups of repositories that primarily reside somewhere else.

If you want to create an incubation chamber for your projects, where they can undergo development, shielded from the curious public or simply want to keep the code you track with git private and safe, this is a possible tool for you.

git server with a great GUI

GitLab is pretty strong in terms of having a consistent and user friendly web interface. It’s just nice to use and I’m storing all my software projects in there, even a report for the academy and the book I’m writing.

Wait! How did this happen?

Well, a couple of weeks ago I was approached by a publisher, that has quite a record of books on open source software and also other projects, if I was up for writing a book on GitLab, since I’ve written a couple of blog posts about git and GitLab. Since I had never tried writing a book before, I said yes and started laying down an outline of the contents.

When will it hit the shelves?

I assume it’s mostly going to be published digitally, but that’s a pure speculation based on what would make sense in my head and where I’d be most likely to buy such a book.

I can’t say when exactly it’s going to be available if it gets approved, but pretty soon, if everything goes well! ;)

However, if you want to stay up to date on when it is released, just follow me on twitter, facebook, Google+ or subscribe to my RSS feed. I will announce any updates about this on every of these channels!

I'd love you to stay up to date with this, if you're interested in GitLab and there will be reading samples!

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