How to use SSH keys for Authentication (for beginners)

SSH keys make my life easier on a daily basis. I use them to log into remote root and virtual private servers for various work and spare time projects, which is probably the most common use case.

The point of an SSH key is to authenticate you with another host, also for example with a git server in order to prove that you’re really you.

In this example I’ll create a Digital Ocean Droplet to create a Linux Server for the examples. Click the link for a 10$ credit with them 😉

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Using Sourcegraph Checkup with local file system storage

Checkup is a siteuptime like alternative that will monitor the response times of your website and a bunch of other things.

Setting up the project is a little tricky if you’re new to go, but if you read the Readme and google the error messages you get, you should be perfectly fine.

You can clone the most recent version from their github repository and run it with:

go run cmd/checkup/main.go --store

Using the checkup fs provider

Sadly the documentation is not super awesome yet, but I quickly diffed the changes I made to make the project use the local storage provider instead of relying on aws s3.

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Copenhagen Pride 2016 Photos

Yesterday we were at the Copenhagen Pride, a huge event that celebrates the diversity of sexual orientation and gender identity. If you know the Christopher Street Day, it’s kinda like that.


It was really really awesome how many happy people there were on the way from Frederiksberg to the Copenhagen Town Hall.

It was absolutely wonderful and I constantly had the need to smile at people to say:

Yes, we know you’ve been made fun of or rejected half of your life. We’re happy you’re here, we want you as part of our society.

You deserve this day of celebration so so much.

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Searching the Google Books API with PHP [Quickstart]

APIs are always fun to me, because you gain access to a large pool of information. Today I want to take a quick look at how to access the Google Books API with PHP. The code snippets and general knowledge should be applicable to all kinds of other Google APIs like YouTube or Google+.


To access the Google API you will need an API key, which firstly requires you to register a project as a developer and then register your application as a client for the Google Books API. I have heavily screenshotted that process, because I didn’t find it very intuitive.

Secondly I’ll be using Composer for the ones that have php executable in their command line, most likely MacOS and Linux users. If you don’t want anything to do with composer, you can also download the Google API client manually from github.

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How to get a high score on Pagespeed Insights (and make your site fast)

This post is about how to optimize your page for speed and we’re going to test the results with the Pagespeed Insights tool provided by Google.

Google started weighting results on their search engine result pages after the results for your website, so if you score high numbers, you are more likely to show up, especially for mobile users.

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NGINX / Apache: Block Requests to PHP file (xmlrpc.php)

This is going to be a short post about how to block your webserver from serving a specific file.

WordPress comes with a file called xmlrpc.php which enables you to use their mobile App on self-hosted blogs or enables ping- and trackbacks. However, there is a bunch of bots out there that attempt to brute-force their way in and can produce either high load or actually present a security risk.

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Distortion Copenhagen 2016 – Nørrebro / Wednesday

We were at Distortion in Copenhagen last Wednesday. It’s basically a huge street party, bundled with lots of small concerts, the consumption of beer and other (mostly soft) drugs and a LOT of people.

The party moved over the week through different parts of the city and ended at a festival with an entrance fee. Most of the people in the street were friendly, happy and partying too, but it wasn’t quite the same feeling as at a real festival. People were a little more suspicious and selfish.

In general it was a nice experience, also because people were posing for us or just didn’t really mind people with cameras being around.

Judith got a bunch of really really cool close up photos, so check them out on her blog too.


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I need feminism because: Metal T-shirts

I need feminism because of a lot of things, one of them is metal t-shirts.

Technically it’s not only metal t-shirts, it’s all kinds of shirts, but have you seen logos of metal bands? They basically all look as if you tried to make some kind of evil mandala using a pile bones of around 30 orc corpes. That in itself isn’t a problem, but I really don’t want anyone, especially women, to feel uncomfortable while my brain tries to make sense of the logo on their chest!

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On Being Powerless

No matter how much you do, achieve, how well you do, there will be defeats, inevitably. The Serenity Prayer teaches us to accept what we can’t change, but I sometimes find it hard to accept unfair realities.

God, give me grace to accept with serenity
the things that cannot be changed,
Courage to change the things
which should be changed,
and the Wisdom to distinguish
the one from the other.

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How to get a Job in Tech

How do you actually get a job in tech? I’m going to try to tell you, because I’ve just been through this journey and this blog post was written over the last couple of months where I left my job as a teacher to write code every day. I also believe most of the things in this article apply to most fields and not only to tech.

I’m a Web Developer (BA), but I’ve worked as a teacher (on how to make web sites) the first two years, because it was a really cool job and I got to work with young adults with ADHD or ASD, an autism spectrum disorder. (Still miss you guys, if you’re reading this!)

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