Where is Microsoft going with Project Spartan?

Microsoft has just published a blog post that features a look at and promotional video about project Spartan, the browser that’s going to replace Internet Explorer.

You can read the full post here: Introducing Project Spartan: The New Browser Built for Windows 10.

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Featured Image in RSS Feed WordPress Plugin

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Professionals and Bottle Caps

Becoming a professional isn’t easy, but it paves the road for what ever success you want to have in many fields. Being professional doesn’t mean boring or serious, it just means that you get things done. Actually after thinking about it, I think what sets a very clear threshold between hard working people to determine if they’re professionals is that

Amateurs work, Professionals make it work.

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Spam from Rohan Kumar

I recently received the following spam mail by Rohan Kumar and the account ppcmarketing@outlook.com.

It’s awfully written and also it claims that it’s using a gmail address when it’s actually outlook.com. I guess this mail is going out in 100 different variants and just a couple of points that should trip you off are:

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Could you Survive a Crash?

Everybody is dreaming of their startup, being the next Larry Page, Mark Zuckerberg or the like. I just want to mention a point I think is important when considering pouring all your time, money and energy into your idea.

Would you survive it all going to hell? Some time ago I shared two blog posts about failed startups. The founders stories were quite interesting and this is a question you should ask yourself, both in your private and professional life when making decisions.

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Feminists are not whiny bitches.

This has been bubbling up around the web a couple of places, both in pictures and as text. I think this is really important, which is why I’m sharing it here. Sexism is bad and feminists are not whiny bitches, okay?

There is still a lot of things off with our society when it comes to genders and their stereotypes.

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Shoot: clown (2015)

Concept and Make Up: Disa Kapetanovic

Model and Styling: Zenia Wichmann

I’ve been on a photo shoot again and it had been too long! At the MeRox Meetup #6: Horror we again visited Koldinghus and a lot of photographers and models followed.

It was really great to be behind the camera for more than the usual video coverage (watch here) and I’m looking forward to work with all of the involved again!

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