On Being Powerless

No matter how much you do, achieve, how well you do, there will be defeats, inevitably. The Serenity Prayer teaches us to accept what we can’t change, but I sometimes find it hard to accept unfair realities.

God, give me grace to accept with serenity
the things that cannot be changed,
Courage to change the things
which should be changed,
and the Wisdom to distinguish
the one from the other.

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How to get a Job in Tech

How do you actually get a job in tech? I’m going to try to tell you, because I’ve just been through this journey and this blog post was written over the last couple of months where I left my job as a teacher to write code every day. I also believe most of the things in this article apply to most fields and not only to tech.

I’m a Web Developer (BA), but I’ve worked as a teacher (on how to make web sites) the first two years, because it was a really cool job and I got to work with young adults with ADHD or ASD, an autism spectrum disorder. (Still miss you guys, if you’re reading this!)

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Tech bubbles and the war of user bases


I don’t own a million dollar startup, I am no analyst, I didn’t write my Phd in… well I haven’t written one at all so far. I work as a developer, I blog and I take photographs.

Tech startups currently get evaluated at seemingly insane sums of money, usually based on the amount of users and how much engagement they show with each other through their product.

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Best (dark) Atom Editor Themes

As previously blogged about, I’m quite the fan of the atom editor, here I quickly want to introduce some of my favourite syntax themes for it.

As a UI theme, I’m still stuck on Seti, because it’s clutter free and it has some awesome icons for all the different file extensions.

Monokai Seti Syntax

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Installing Go on Ubuntu / Debian / Linux Mint with godeb

Since I’ve recently started dabbling with Go again, of course I had to install it on my machines that mostly run Linux Mint. One of the usual ways for me to install software through the PPAs was apparently not maintained since a couple of releases ago, but on a ubuntu forum thread I found godeb, which is a small binary command line tool that lets you install your desired version of Go!

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JSON parsing in Golang

Parsing JSON is a common task for most developers, currently I’m actually finally getting to write slugofy which is supposed to slugify URLs or URL fragments in Go.

In case you’re wondering, slugs are commonly used to generate URLs from the title of a page. Let’s say we have a page title like the Swedish national dish: Swedish national dish: köttbullar, we probably don’t want either the special chars like the ö or the : in there. Also we don’t want whitespaces to show up as %20, so let’s make them dashes instead: swedish-national-dish-koettbullar.

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RE: Obama on fetishizing our phones. YES, WE CAN!

US President Obama had a small appearance at SXSW and criticized everybody who is not in favor of completely abandoning their right to privacy as being an absolutist.

My conclusion so far is that you cannot take an absolutist view on this. So if your argument is strong encryption, no matter what, and we can and should, in fact, create black boxes, then that I think does not strike the kind of balance that we have lived with for 200, 300 years. And it’s fetishizing our phones above every other value. And that can’t be the right answer.

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Belle Cooper on Learning How to Write

Belle Beth Cooper just contributed her last post so far to the GHOST blog. It’s about Learning to Write and she tells a pretty great story about reading a bunch of books about that.

What’s really great is the way she makes you empathise with her and describes the relationship she develops with the individual authors. It was a pleasure to read and join her in this experience.

Simply by exposing myself to wonderful writing, great examples of the craft, honest accounts of the writing process that speak to me with finesse and polish so the words sink in is my education. My writing is improving through osmosis. I’m picking up on how to craft a better sentence, how to reach a reader, how to employ language to the best of my ability. I’m taking it all in, even if I can’t highlight it on the page.

With that paragraph she makes a really important and also wonderful point. We need to expose ourselves to great things, before we meaningfully can transform all that into something even better. It’s essential to not accept things that are wrong or flawed as something thats probably fine.

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