Web Scraping / Web Crawling Pages with Node.js

This post series is going to discuss and illustrate how to write a web crawler in node.js. I’m going to write some posts on a topic that are database agnostic and the database part split up into the respective different databases you could imagine using.

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Rock Fashion 2015

I got the honor of making the video capture of the ROCK FASHION event at Kolding Storcenter this year.

The mall is hosting an annual event where the stores pick out some outfits for the 100+ models, that then go on a catwalk through the corridors of the mall. Artists on stage included: PAGE FOUR, Daniel Schulz, Brandon Beal, Vild $mith, Kaka and USO.

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Re: Acronyms suck (yup)

A couple of months ago I stumbled over a post about Elon Musk, encouraging employees to stop using unnecessary acronyms.

I didn’t pay much attention to it at the time, but I recognized it as a good idea. The points he makes are very valid and having a lot of acronyms are a barrier to new employees and generally exclude at the expense of typing or speaking a couple of characters less.

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You don’t get paid for the fun part

No matter what you do and how much you love it, if it’s a job, it is work. You don’t get paid for the fun part, you get paid for doing the stuff that requires all your effort. It’s important to keep that in mind.

From Being Average is being ok by Masha

I’ve been following this fashion blog for some time, mainly because I like the style and the posts that are not directly related to fashion, but more the journey. To be honest, fashion still doesn’t really interest me and I doubt it ever will.

I can recommend the read, because it’s actually a really healthy post, that speaks for personal happiness, rather than the pursuit of happiness through extreme achievements.

On the post itself: I completely agree, you don’t get paid for the fun parts (for the most), but some of the work can feel like play, when you’re working in the field that you love. I would still encourage people to try to work in their dream profession, but at all cost.

You’re expected to try

One thing that I’ve started to tell each and every one of my classes that I teach, is that the only thing I expect them to do is to try.

I can’t stress this enough, because managing expectations is a really crucial thing in all kinds of relationships. In my students have a much easier time accepting a concept, if it’s backed by a theory, so I’m using the four stages of competence to illustrate my point.

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HowTo: Modded Minecraft Server with ATLauncher

In this article I’ll show you how to set up a custom minecraft server for any mod pack that’s available in the ATLauncher mod package (on Linux). For this and also what’s running on the minecraft server for my friends and me it’s going to be DNSTechPack.

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Featured on Instagram

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Filezilla, great/best FTP and SFTP client for Windows, Mac, Linux

FileZilla is another program I simply would have a very hard time living without. It’s simply the one of the BEST FTP/SFTP clients ever, mostly because it works on Windows, Mac OS and Linux.

I use it for my company projects and as a standard practise for my students as a teacher. It’s an open source project, which makes it a very available tool. FTP and SFTP/SCP are quite essential for transferring and publishing in the web development world.

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