How to make a NFC check in sticker with Foursquare / Swarm / Facebook Places

NFC stickers and chips are the new QR codes and offer some ease of use, if you know how to harness their power ;) Where the user otherwise would have to type a long URL, we can make use of NFC enabled smartphones to just bump into the sticker to take them to a website or a check-in.

Shops and restaurants benefit through social media and especially through the ones like Foursquare or Facebook Places. Let’s have a look at how we can make the user check into our place with an NFC chip. All you need is:

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On Winning Your Days

We live in a very competitive and challenging society, which is why I quickly wanted to share a feeling I had today, which I want to turn into a habit. For a lot of my life my drive has come from just being dissatisfied with myself.

Today I feel a little more that I actually achieved something and I don’t focus on all the things I have not yet done. I have not yet gotten back to all of my clients, I have not yet done as much for my day job as I wanted to, but I still got things done. Continue reading On Winning Your Days

On staying humble

I like quotes, because a great deal of people have been saying or writing memorable things and express my feelings and thoughts a lot better than I could or simply have already done it. I’ll try to blog one of these every month, because there are a lot of them.

In my walks, every man I meet is my superior in some way, and in that I learn from him

Ralph Waldo Emerson

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Charlie Hebdo – Terrorist Attack on Satire Magazine

Today there’s been a terrorist attack on a satire magazine that made fun of an ISIS leader. I write this as somebody who doesn’t always have opinions everybody likes and much more to condemn the violence.

Twitter is currently blowing up with solidarity towards the satire magazine and people, primarily in France, are on the streets with Signs saying

Je suis Charlie

It’s incredibly sad what happened today and we to stop violence and intolerance in all forms where we witness it.

User statisticts 2014

This year I’ve had more hits than any year before, so that’s pretty awesome. I also moved to a new server and browsing my articles now should be much less annyoing.

The year in numbers:

  • Visits: 153347
  • Pageviews: 182595

24% more than in 2013 (yay!).

Numbers don’t mean that much, but it’s kind of cool to see where you go, when you just keep at it. When you keep writing, keep posting, when your research pays off.

It’s super cool that so many people have found their way to this site and I hope they found it useful!

I’ll for sure keep posting in 2015 and it’ll be a blast as usual!

<3 WordPress & Piwik.

What is #PEGIDA? (sad news from Germany)

I quickly want to go over what #PEGIDA is and why it exists. Basically it is a semi-nationalistic movement inside especially eastern parts of Germany that opposes migration to Germany and resembles a lot of thoughts that feel scaringly similar to the third reichs propaganda.

Actually I’d rather just write

Merry Christmas, everything is fine!

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