Arch Linux Updates and Keyrings (key error)

Package managers are awesome, Windows 10 is finally getting one. I’ve loved apt, pacman, yum and the like ever since I had a stable internet connection.

Package managers just spare you from grey hair and having to visit a lot of websites to download all kinds of things and then click all of them. It downloads, installs and leaves you the hell alone with things a computer should be able to do on its own. Continue reading Arch Linux Updates and Keyrings (key error)

On building your own tools

Building your own tools makes you a better programmer. Seriously. There is nothing more satisfying than the feeling of pressing a single button instead of doing some annoying job that you used to do before by hand and YOUR program or script runs off to do all your work for you and then it says:

All done, task took 35 milliseconds

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Huawei Ascend P7 Review, ROOT, camera shutter sound disable

The Huawei Ascend P7 is an attempt by Huawei to put their products in a premium segment, close to the HTC One, the Samsung Galaxy S5 and the iPhone. I’m writing this, because maybe some people out there are curious about the phone or how to root it. As far as I’ve got it figured out multiple phones are sold with that name, I got the L10. These first couple of days I’ve been happy with it :)

Table of Contents:

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Rock Fashion 2014 (Kolding Storcenter)

Rock Fashion 2014 happened this weekend and I’ve had the honor of being a part of the show again. This year I have not spent close to the same amount of time behind my camera as other years and I was basically the video crews sidekick.

Rock Fashion is a fashion show where the stores of a shopping mall in Kolding get to present their collections, usually for the upcoming winter season, on 100 models that walk the corridors of the mall, while musicians play on the main stage.

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Failed Start-Ups and what they learned from it

Recently multiple stories have popped up on Hacker News about failed Start-ups. I think this is amazing, because these brave people enable others to learn from their mistakes.

The ones thought would be nice to share are the one of 99 dresses, My startup failed, and this is what it feels like… and the one of DinnrSeven lessons I learned from the failure of my first startup, Dinnr. Continue reading Failed Start-Ups and what they learned from it

Rise, my Blog! (necromancy ahead!)

I feel like I left this blog out to die. To be eaten by the hounds (I’ve seen the Sherlock episode about the HOUND of Baskerville).

I see my views declining and my widget shows: last entry: 2 months ago.

On my German blog I’ve managed to still blog bits and pieces, but overall I’ve been busy working, both as a teacher and on various projects (both video/photo and also coding).

The idea of not always having to blog 1000 words for something to makes sense is very hard to apply to this place for me, because I have blogged some tutorials and articles that actually are professionally relevant to a couple of people I think.

From now on, I will also share shorter articles, but don’t be worried I have some more plugins to be released and snippets to share!

Shoot with Lissa at MeMe #5

I had a fantastic shoot with Lissa at the recent MeRox Meetup #5, a little photo event. We met at Geografisk Have Kolding and everybody had a ton of fun.

It was towards then end of the shoot, when I still tried to get some closer shots and a little meaner look, which I’m quite happy with! Continue reading Shoot with Lissa at MeMe #5