Failed Start-Ups and what they learned from it

Recently multiple stories have popped up on Hacker News about failed Start-ups. I think this is amazing, because these brave people enable others to learn from their mistakes.

The ones thought would be nice to share are the one of 99 dresses, My startup failed, and this is what it feels like… and the one of DinnrSeven lessons I learned from the failure of my first startup, Dinnr. Continue reading

Rise, my Blog! (necromancy ahead!)

I feel like I left this blog out to die. To be eaten by the hounds (I’ve seen the Sherlock episode about the HOUND of Baskerville).

I see my views declining and my widget shows: last entry: 2 months ago.

On my German blog I’ve managed to still blog bits and pieces, but overall I’ve been busy working, both as a teacher and on various projects (both video/photo and also coding).

The idea of not always having to blog 1000 words for something to makes sense is very hard to apply to this place for me, because I have blogged some tutorials and articles that actually are professionally relevant to a couple of people I think.

From now on, I will also share shorter articles, but don’t be worried I have some more plugins to be released and snippets to share!


CigTrack defibrilated

So like the other cool kids apps, I thought my pet project deserved a proper landing page. It’s been a while since I’ve actually had time for this project, but it was just too soon to entirely drop it.

The new landing page is built with bootstrap and animatescroll, the picture is one of mine that I took ages ago. I had to tweak the grid system a little to make it work as I imagined, but it wasn’t an obstacle.


Now live on

I’m happy with it, since it appeals much more to people instead of developers and communicates the thoughts behind the project. In hindsight I should have done this as the first step of the entire process ;)


It’s Your Job to Blow up the Barricades Too!

When taking on a job, a project or simply pursuing a goal, you will not face perfect circumstances. Never. That’s why your job includes removing or overcoming barriers and barricades that lay in your way. These things don’t come with the job description or the original demand and it’s up to you to be creative and find a way.

Also, nobody asks if you put the obstacles there yourself, if your competitors or the big bad world did. If you want to make something happen, you better figure out the rules and try to play by them.
Continue reading


Flickr Galleries: There was a problem adding this photo to the gallery

I’ve never used flickr much, but recently I started playing around with its API. I’m using galleries, sort of a collection of photos to keep track of which photos I want to list with my site and I kept running into an error message as the following:

There was a problem adding this photo to the gallery

The solution is quite simple: Create a new gallery. Your old one is full. Continue reading


Anything > Nothing

I’m not always doing great. In fact, I often fail at things. I sometimes fail at meeting deadlines, more often in my studies than on my jobs though.

We can’t always give a 100% at everything and we have to distribute our energies in some way so we don’t burn ourselves out. Some always tell me I shouldn’t attempt to accomplish as much in the first place, which I should probably get better at. Continue reading