WordPress Plugin: Append Link on Copy

Append Link on Copy in the WordPress plugin repository.

This plugin allows the user to automatically append a link to the current page, when users copy & paste a title or any line.

With this Plugin you can automatically add text or html to content that is copied from your page.

If a visitor copies any kind of text from the website, a link to the page is appended, so if it is pasted elsewhere, a link to the page is maintained.

right now you can:

  • specify the Read more link text, default: Read more at:
  • how many
    tags should be inserted below the copied text and the link or copyright notice
  • specify if you want the current page title included
  • make every copy link to the main page
  • decide if you want the site title to be appended
  • see previews of HTML and text versions of the copied text and link

I plan to increase the functionality with:

  • some internationalisation
  • if somebody wants to contribute legacy IE support I’ll include that

Find the github repository here:

One thought on “WordPress Plugin: Append Link on Copy”

  1. Hello Plugin owner

    I want to say thank you for taking your time to work on this plugin, it is really helpful, but my suggestion is that you allow there be space. Whenever someone copies a material from your website, it should have space between paragraphs just as it is on the site but with this plugin, all the Paragraphs merge and this can discourage people from copying due to the time spent trying to sort out the paragraph.

    I will appreciate if this part is looked into. Meanwhile, it is still active on the site and thank you once again for your time and effort put in this wonderful plugin.

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